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Anti-spam policy

Anti-spam Policy

Spam, including unsolicited commercial, unsolicited bulk, mass, and junk messages, is a message that advertises goods or services that is sent to someone without prior consent or in the absence of a previous relationship. In one respect, spam is the electronic equivalent of the junk mail you receive in your postal mailbox every day.

Sending of unsolicited messages using our network is STRICTLY prohibited. The account sending spam may be suspended or terminated without refund.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to known spammers.

Our Anti-spam Policy applies to all our customers with NO exceptions.

What can you do to avoid unwanted (spam) messages?

  • Be careful who you give your contact details to.

  • Don’t advertise your contact details, for example by putting it on the internet.

  • Check privacy policies and marketing opt outs carefully. Use them to tell the organisation not to contact you by text.

What can you do when you're getting unwanted (spam) messages?

If you are unsure who the message comes from or if the message does not come from a company you are familiar with you should not respond to the message as this may confirm your contact details are correct. If you know who the message is from, you can try to opt out from further messages by following the opt out instructions in the message.

If you want to report for a spam, please let us know to investigate the case.

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